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    So, Let's BLOG about it!

    As You know, I'm no Makeup Guru, but I am a Purist when it comes to anything Natural and Organic. I believe timeless research alongside trial & error are my best friends for-real! Lol... I will be blasting my blogs with all sorts of interesting Fun facts, Twists on worldly views, Motivation, Healthy Facts, Lifestyle Rituals, Daily Devotion, Black Culture, Astrology, Wealthy mindset challenges, Free Giveaways, D.I.Y's and so much more!

    This page is a NO JUDGEMENT zone so Queens, let down your hair & Kings, un-tuck your shirts! You have entered the FREE SPIRIT Blog cast! :) So please, feel free to put me on & keep us all hip to the infinite knowledge that gives us power! Like, Comment, Shout out, Leave a review, Stop by & Show some love!

    This post gives you a little sneak peak featuring one of many favorite ingredients contained in a selected few of my Boss Glosses. I will be explaining the benefits of Raw Coconut Oil and how it can be used for your body, skin and hair. Stay tuned & let me know what you think!