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“Namestè“ to my Day one Support team, “Welcome Back” to my recurring family, and “Peace & WELCOME !” to any new & Upcoming or first time followers! As some may know, My name is Denecia Miller- CEO of Hun-Nee Halo LLC. This is a Vegan Cosmetics & Skin Care line that is focused on “Saving Mother Nature one product at a time”. I am really thankful to have your continued support. As in return, I want to create a Win-Win solution to take our blessings a step forward by giving back to Mother Nature and the community. Since the age of 5, my village of upbringing ALWAYS believed in giving back to all living creations in need. Often times, I've watched my parents & close family give to others, even before their own. In all understanding now-a-days, it was the joy of giving UNselfishly from the heart- just as God treats us all. At the age of 12, I began to take those same taught actions of giving a lot more serious; realizing that homeless living was just as serious as breathing each moment to stay alive. Just as God gives each of us special gifts, there is also a blissful and forgotten gift of Long suffering that not everyone is equipped to bare in life. This hints to why I believe giving is the ultimate gift of life.

With all being said, I will be donating 50% of all donation profit to the homeless in the triad area and my hometown area (Warsaw, NC). As a special thank you to you all, I will also be blessing ONE  special “Guest” Black Owned business on a monthly basis. Tag us on social media @hunneehalollc  #StayWokeHunnee to be featured here by the way!

As a young entrepreneur, maintaining life standards and being fully self-employed is not always the easiest in life nor will it always seem beautiful by circumstance; HowEVERR, it is 100% worth it ALL! Financial freedom is key! As I stand firm, believing that God is the greatest gift with relentless thriving effort, gives me the leaf of strength to pull from each day.

Throughout countless years of Community serving, building, and funding, I am proud to present Hun-Nee Halo LLC as a milestone of elevation. With ongoing help and Faith, we hope to become a great factor in helping to gain a chance to bring forth EQUAL and FAIR Protection, Genuine love and smiles to the African-American communities again. With great respect, Hun-Nee Halo is dedicated to make sure every customer is treated as family and nothing less!

I may be the heart of the business, but you all show the true love that keeps me going. I am here to invest in you as you are to me in this very moment, for that I toast to you & all future endeavors with YOUR name on it! Please continue to support Black Owned Businesses and help us rise up one step at a time. Feel free to drop your business for helping hands in these matters. All businesses, charities, Non-profit Orgs and Individuals with joint support ideas are welcomed. Contact CEO for business inquiries:
Thank you, Peace & Blessings!

Hun-Nee Halo accepts ALL donations and forms of support!
All support in any form of funds can be given to:

CashApp-   $HunNeeHaloLLC
Mailings are also welcome

Hun-Nee Halo, LLC
5710 W. Gate City Blvd
Suite K#255
Greensboro, NC 27407

A miniature Glimpse of My Community Journey:
* Relay for life Lead specialist
* Special Ed Mentor
* Special Olympic event (fund raiser event for the homeless & unwell children of Duplin county)
* Social advocate for YoungZumba- for kids who has special abilities.
* Creator of “Unity Zumba” dedicated to ALL race & abilities of children/adults (100% of funds donated to educational charity tokened to JKHS)