Hun-Nee Halo FAQ's

  • Do we test on animals??

Never! Hun-Nee Halo is a cruelty-free brand. We do not support nor do we perform any testing of products or ingredients of animals. For more information of specific products, please refer to the ingredients on each product page.

  • Is Hun-Nee Halo Vegan?

Oh Yes! Our products are100% ORGANIC, Paraben FREE, NON GMO, Animal Cruelty FREE, and No Harsh Chemicals. 

  • Are Parabens in Hun-Nee Halo products?

Nope, our products are paraben-FREE! 

  • What type of payments are accepted at Hun-Nee Halo?

We are currently accepting all major Credit, Debit & Pre-paid cards. The common card types are as follow: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Square, and Apple Pay.

  • Are other products offered at Hun-Nee Halo?

Yes! We are offering skin care, lip care kits, natural hair products and much much more! I cant disclose all of my secrets yall- lol... Stay tuned for all Hunnee Drip features coming to you shortly!

  • Where else can I purchase Hun-Nee Halo products in the U.S?

In addition to hunneehalo.com, you can shop Hun-Nee Halo products at Amazon.com, Etsy.com, and local pop-up shops coming near you!

  • How can I get free samples?

We often include a free sample with online orders each time you purchase our product.

There's one challenge: Follow & Tag Us to be featured or leave a review for a FREE sample . For the newbies, follow @hunneehalo on Instagram and comment #Done on our most recent picture. We will contact you for your free purchase to send out. Be the first to keep up with us by subscribing your email for Hun-Nee Halo alerts and freebies.

If your not into any freebies, social media or reviews.... Don't worry, you can still get a small sample, its only $1- email us (contact@hunneehalo.com).

  • When are out of stock items coming back?

We get it, everyone loves it! We do our best to restore stock as quickly as possible. In the meantime, sign up for an email alert to be the first to know when that must-have item is back in action! We will email you asap.

  • How do I register for a Hun-Nee Halo account?

So Easy! To register for a Hun-Nee Halo account, all you need to provide is 3 things: Your name, Email address, and password.

  • Sooo.. I'm having Credit Card trouble, can you help me?

If you receive an error message related to any type of credit card authorization failure, double check these things: That the billing address you entered to purchase your product MATCHES the billing address of the card you're using. Another hint, try re-entering your CVV or security code. Last and most important, be sure that the card is not expired and a valid card type for payment acceptance.