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Benefits of coconut oil

Oooouuu....Sneak Peak Features!

What's Up Hunnee Bae's! Its my first blog of the season and I am excited to unleash the ultimate "Sneak Peak" of whats in some of your Vegan glosses! Featuring one of many favorite ingredients contained in a selected few of my Boss Glosses..Let's Blog About this ORGANIC COCONUT !! Ready, Set, GLOW!

  • How can I use it?

Consume coconut oil in doses of 10 mL daily to help kill harmful pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi of the body.
Use it as: Hair mask
or leave-in treatment. Also helps moisturize & seal hair.

Use it: On your Lips! This helps restore and protect chapped lips

Used as: Natural deodorant; its germ-killer power helps to kill body odor. 

Wait.... Mouthwash ??? — Yes, try it! There's a process called "oil pulling" that benefits oral hygiene (reducing bacteria, cavities, inflammation, etc..). It is a throwback method called the Indian Folk remedy.

Try this: First, Consume 1Tbsp of Coconut oil by mouth. Then, swish it around for 10-15 minutes (preferably 15 minutes). Now here's the fun part..... Want to see what your body is fighting?? If not, your free to spit this out as you please. IF your down, spit your remains out into a clean & rinsed clear bottle with a sealed top. From hours to days in, you will begin to see the color and form of your disposed rinse start to reveal inside the bottle. THAT'S whats your body is fighting! You will thank yourself later :)


Coconut oil is an anti-inflammatory, this means it helps reduce swelling.

This wonderful fruit is considered a "Superfood"- just as the Avocado is to the body. As stated above, this helps prevents: dry or flaky scalps, dandruff, split ends and hair breakage. Raw Coconut also contains high amounts of dodecanoic acid aka “lauric acid" which is proven to be a hidden link for more restful sleep. In other words… a “Melatonin” replacement.

Coconut contains HDL aka "good cholesterol" in your blood, which may help reduce risks of heart disease.

Brain-linked disorders such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and even epilepsy can become less onerous with aid of Coconut oil.

           Hmmm...So how does my body breaks this down?

When your body digests Lauric acid, it forms a substance called Monolaurin. With the effects of both, this helps kill harmful pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the body.

So Hunnee Baes, I hope this was an eye-full and you take something away from today's post. Keep you and your loved ones body, mind & soouuul healthy! Wherever you are, Be You, Be True & Be GREAT! Like, Comment, Follow.

-Love You all.



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