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I am Denecia Miller, A God Fearing, Unique, Health and Beauty guru from Warsaw, NC. I am the middle child in a close knit family. I am also a proud alumna of the Illustrious North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. As an African American- Native woman, my experience has led me to create an inclusive brand that celebrates Natural Black Beauty. God is the greatest artist and I believe that we should celebrate his creations by enhancing what is already there.

Throughout many years of experience and research with this journey, I discovered 90% of the time, unknowingly we use health and beauty products that are secretly harmful to our skin, environment, and even PH levels. Yes ladies, I said it! I grew tired of buying harmful semi-natural products and started having a fiery desire for more shades & variety catered to women desiring true NATURAL products. This is why I created Hun-Nee Halo, LLC. I believe in Natural Beauty Enhancement, and that’s simply enhancing and embracing your own gifted beauty- Your Skin. Your Melanin. Turning scars into beauty marks, the ORGANIC way!

I may be the heart of the business, but you all show the true love that keeps me going. I am here to invest in you as you are to me in this very moment, for that I toast to you & all future endeavors with YOUR name on it! Please continue to support Black Owned Businesses and help us rise up one step at a time. Thank you, Peace & Blessings!                         




        With Love,
          Denecia Miller
                CEO & Founder of Hun-Nee Halo, LLC