Welcome to Hun-Nee Halo!!!

Namaste’ Fam! 

Come on, who says no to Organic Love? I am honored and so thrilled to pour my peace, love and sacrifice into all that Hun-Nee Halo has to offer. Yes, Including the ones to help make this journey worth it all- You.

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Why Hun-Nee Halo?

Hun-Nee Halo LLC was created to better both the natural environment (plant and animal life) and human society as a whole. With great variety of Organic products from beauty & skin care to natural hair care & aromatherapy products, they are all Vegan friendly. Each product is 100% Organic, Hand-crafted and made in USA. Win-Win right?? Hun-Nee Halo's products are credibly used by any race, tribe or gen; however, it is geared towards women of color. BUT. . . . . . . . .Hold tight fellas, We’re here to help our Men as well! As we also produce male and unisex-driven products, take a moment to appreciate YOUR worth, relax and allow Hun-Nee Halo to gift you a bit of TLC!

Hun-Nee's Mission

The goal of each product is designed to bring the utmost confidence and wholeness to each individual or living creation.

The Unstoppable Vision:

The Worldly Vision of Hun-Nee Halo is to “bridge the gap” between radiating Royal confidence and naturally taking care of mother nature each time our products are being utilized.



                     “Saving Mother Nature, One product at a time”
                                                 -Denecia Miller